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Get our produce multiple times a week

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Make an individual (or group) custom order on our online store, then either pick up in downtown Sarasota, or have it delivered!  
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We harvest your custom orders within 24-48 hours of purchase and you can pickup twice a week in downtown Sarasota area.
Visit Our Farm Store
Opening on (or around) October 1st!
Come see our farm store! We will have produce available and you'll be able to see where our farm is located.
Now offering delivery!
Orders that meet the minimum can be delivered. You could even qualify for free delivery.
shop online
how it works

Originally, we sold our produce exclusively through farmers markets. When the pandemic started, we quickly reinvented our business model and made an online store to shop a la carte, and pickup your custom order in Sarasota,

We have since evolved (again) to make our produce as accessible as possible.

When you shop our online store, you’ll not only find our produce, but a select few other quality products from vendors we have known for years, bringing you the best of our community in one stop shop.

Read all the details in the corresponding tabs. Email us with any questions.

The online store is open to accept orders on Mondays at 9am through Tuesday evening, for a Wednesday pickup.

The store then reopens on Thursday morning at 9am through Friday evening for a Saturday pickup.

(You will not be able to order on Wednesdays, Saturdays, or Sundays.)

Forget to order? Walkups welcome to see what is available between 10:30-11am at pickup location.

Order online through our store.
Click any item you want, add to cart and then checkout when ready. Fill out all required info in cart including pickup or delivery, and follow instructions to pickup your order.

Delivery is now available! See delivery options upon checkout.
Want free delivery? Order over $100.

You will receive your order confirmation via email and the order will be ready to pick up between 9am-11am on either Wednesday or Saturday.

Important: If you do not receive an email confirmation, your order did not go through.

Arrive on your designated day and time, provide your name on the order. At the restaurant (Indigenous), you’ll walk up to the “pickup window” (aka the little break in the fence) on the north side of the restaurant. You can park in either of the two lots that are on the north and west sides of the restaurant.
If you’d like curbside, please indicate that on your order upon checkout in the “note to seller” option.
When you arrive, pull your car up to the north side of the restaurant and just provide your name on the order.

Indigenous Restaurant
239 S Links Ave
Sarasota, FL 34236 | 9am-11am
on either Wednesday or Saturday only
Wednesday or Saturday
delivery window is between 8am-12pm
If you unable to receive your order within this window, please leave a cooler or a cooler bag with cooling ice packs or ice that will keep your order until you are able to store it properly.

We will call or text you as a reminder to pick up your order if you are a no show. Your order will be left at the restaurant, unrefrigerated, on the table on the porch. Orders are labeled with your name on it. Remember it’s outside, so the sooner you pick up, the better. If you do not pick up your order by 4pm, it is considered kindly donated to the restaurant. We are not responsible for orders not claimed after 11am nor are they refunded.
opening on (or around) october 1st!
Our newly constructed farm store will serve as a pickup location on Saturdays, as well as have additional items available for purchase.
Once the store is open, our anticipated schedule will be:
Fridays: 2-5pm
Saturdays: 8-12pm

31305 Clay Gully Rd.
Myakka City, FL 34251

delivery now available!

We are delivering to certain areas in Sarasota. For any larger orders, group orders, or businesses with employees that love to eat fresh, local produce. Just type in your delivery location when checking out at our online store and see if we deliver to your zip code.

Delivery minimum: $50 / $10 delivery fee

Delivery days: Wednesday or Saturday
Delivery window: 8am-12pm

If you unable to receive your order within this window, please leave out a cooler or a cooler bag with some ice or ice packs that will keep your order cool until you are able to store it properly.

Get your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family to do a group order with you and get it delivered to your office, your home, or anywhere within our delivery zip codes.

Are you a chef or have restaurant/catering needs? We work with small business and corporations also. Email us for a wholesale price sheet.

are you a chef, wholesaler, or local artisan?

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    Tired of your greens going bad before your establishment can use them? 
    Looking for a quality produce that is actually local and lasts?

    Whether you’re interested in purchasing our produce or believe you have a product that may fit into our online store, let us know.

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    Farm Address:

    31305 Clay Gully Rd
    Myakka City, FL, 34251

    Sarasota Pickup:

    239 S Links Ave
    Sarasota, FL 34236