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about us

The Homestead Hydroponic Farm was established in 2014, and is nestled next to Myakka State Park, just east of Sarasota. We’ve created a sustainable hydroponic farm that provides exceptional quality produce to our community. As natives from Sarasota, Florida, we already know the atmosphere- hot and muggy most of the year. There were many factors that went into play when choosing hydroponics as our main method of growing. Each and every season, we learn more, we evolve, to continually bring the best quality and sustainable produce in our area.

With a dream of living in the country and a goal of a healthier lifestyle, we decided to leave our fast paced lives in South Florida and move to the country outside of our hometown of Sarasota; closer to family and now raising our own little one. With no previous growing experience, we started small and have been expanding every season since.

We are a true family farm. While only two of us started growing in 2014, we have been so fortunate to have the help of two more of our family to grow the farm into what it is today. We have one newly hired helping set of hands, otherwise we’ve been able to depend on the four of us since 2014.

We love what we do and getting to know our customers each week. From the ones who have supported us since the beginning, to the new faces we get to learn.

why hydroponics
farming for the future

The Homestead’s main goal is to produce the highest quality product possible without the use of any chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or GMO’s. Our produce tastes amazing and keeps well not only because it’s grown hydroponically, but because we harvest everything 24-48 hours within purchase.
We love growing hydroponically because we are only using about 1/10th the amount of water than traditional farming, we extend our growing seasons as long as possible, utilize structures that provide shade and protection from environmental obstacles. Also, we don’t have to rely on the dwindling and expensive land for space to grow.

The facts of growing in Florida can not be changed and each and every farm has problems to battle. Extremely high heat and humidity, pest populations and an array of fungal and plant-killing diseases. These obstacles we have can certainly be difficult, and we are always searching for the safest, most natural ways to combat these.
We are realists, therefore we do have to aid our plants from time to time in fighting the environmental elements. Just as in organic farming, we apply beneficial and organic biological controls. Mighty microbes are truly beneficial to the plant itself as well as acting as a major defense against plant killing bugs. In addition, we’ve incorporated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into our practice as well.

Simply put, growing without soil. Our greens and herbs are grown in a system where roots are in recirculating water that contains a mineral solution, feeding the roots directly. We grow in fully enclosed greenhouses with climate controls to protect exceptionally clean, pesticide free greens.

  • exceptionally fresh and clean
  • no pesticides
  • sustainably grown
  • Non GMO
  • long lasting produce
  • excellent taste
The Homestead Team
Neil and Ally
Farm Manager

Neil and Ally are an integral part of our farming operation. Ally and Sarah are sisters, and Ally officially started working with us in 2016. Neil soon came on after that season and they’ve been assets that we couldn’t do this without.

Mike and Sarah

Michael and Sarah established The Homestead Hydroponic Farm in 2014 and work to ensure it’s a small farm that continues to grow for generations to come. Starting with their son, Harrison.

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Crystle just came on board at the end of our 2021 season, and in just a short time in seeing her work ethic, we’re looking forward to having her help us with future seasons.

Farm Address:

31305 Clay Gully Rd
Myakka City, FL, 34251

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